Single Molecule DNA Mapping Workshop 2015

Date: Monday 5 October 2015

Location: Technical University of Denmark, Anker Engelundsvej 1, Building 101, entrance 101A, Meeting Center, Room s04

The workshop attracted around 40 people from academia and industry.

The single molecule analysis of DNA in its native long linear form is having an increasing impact on the study of the structure genomes and has begun to be used in molecular diagnostics. The MapDNA workshop brings together researchers at the cutting edge of single molecule DNA analysis in nanofluidic devices and on surfaces.


Workshop programme

09.00-09.05 Welcome to DTU

09.05-09.20 Welcome to the mapDNA Workshop (Chair: Kalim U. Mir)

09.20-10.05 Han Cao, BioNano Genomics

Mapping the "Dark Matter" of Genome with Nanochannel Array Technology

10.05-10.35 Coffee break

10.35-11.20 Robert Riehn, North Carolina State University

From epigenetic maps to observing dynamic DNA conformations

11.25-12.10 Robert Neely, University of Birmingham

Super-resolution imaging of DNA sequence

12.10-13.10 Lunch

13.10-13.55 Chia-Fu Chou, Academia Sinica

Protein mapping along field-stretched DNA in nanofluidic devices

14.00-14.45 Jonas Tegenfeldt, Lund University

Confined DNA: photophysics and polymer physics

14.45-15.15 Coffee break

15.15-16.00 Fredrik Westerlund, Chalmers University of Technology

Identifying bacterial plasmids coding for antibiotic resistance using optical DNA mapping

16.05-16.50 Rodolphe Marie, Technical University of Denmark

Mapping Single DNA Molecules To The Human Genome In A Nanofluidic Device

16.50-17.00 Conclusion (Chair: Kalim U. Mir)

17.00-18.00 Networking and drinks

18.00 Workshop ends
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