DNA Electronics

DNA Electronics

DNA Electronics was formed in 2003. DNAE has today 21 employees and is a provider of scalable semiconductor solutions for real-time nucleic acid detection which enable faster, simpler and more cost-effective DNA analysis platforms. The company‟s IP portfolio includes techniques for monitoring nucleotide insertions using solid-state biosensors on standard CMOS semiconductor microchip technology, enabling label-free electronic DNA sequencing and molecular diagnostics platforms.

In the field of semiconductor sequencing, DNAE has licensed its technology to Ion Torrent Systems and 454 Life Sciences. DNA Electronics is collaborating with ROCHE 454 Life Sciences to develop semiconductor (CMOS) based sequencing chips which detect hydrogen ions from nucleotide incorporations using ion-sensitive field effect transistors.

DNAE withdrew form the Consortium 1 December 2014.


18 JANUARY 2022