Diagenode SA

Diagenode SA  

Diagenode (DIA) is a Belgian SME established in 2003 with 37 employees today. DIA ia a leading developer and marketer of innovative life-science kits, reagents and integrated systems for epigenetics, genomics and diagnostics. Founded in 2003 in Liège (Belgium), DIA is a global company, with headquarters in Liège, Belgium and Denville, NJ, USA. DIA currently employs over 30 people, including around 8 PhD‟s. DIA is the only SME in the EU providing a complete solution for epigenetics research.

DIA portfolio includes state-of-the-art products and technologies for chromatin and DNA sonication (Bioruptor® series), best-in-class antibodies, and high-quality kits for chromatin immunoprecipitation and methylation studies, and an automated epigenetics system, the IP-Star™.

DIA customers include leading epigenetics researchers, academic institutions, high-profile genome centres and core labs, life sciences tools companies, molecular diagnostics players, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


18 JANUARY 2022