Oxford Nanopore Technology Ltd

Oxford Nanopore Limited

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd (ONT) was founded in 2005. With 90 employees today ONT is developing a revolutionary technology for direct, electrical detection and analysis of single molecules. The platform is designed to offer substantial benefits in a variety of applications. Our lead application is DNA sequencing, but the platform is also adaptable for protein analysis for diagnostics and drug development and identification of a range of other molecules for security & defence and environmental monitoring. The technology is modular and highly scalable, driven by electronics rather than optics.

Our first generations of DNA sequencing technology, Exonuclease and Strand sequencing, combine a protein nanopore with a processive enzyme, multiplexed on a silicon chip. This elegant and scalable system has unique potential to transform the speed and cost of DNA sequencing. We also have collaborative projects in the development of solid state nanopores for further improvements in speed and cost. Our patent estate encompasses all aspects of protein-based and solid state-based nanopore sensing and sequencing with over 250 patents and patent applications.

ONT withdrew from the Consortium 18 September 2014.