Fasteris SA (FAS)

Fasteris SA

Fasteris SA (FAS) was founded in 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland. With 21 employees today providing services for Life Sciences research laboratories. 

In 2006, FAS was the first service provider company in the world to acquire a next-generation DNA sequencing instrument manufactured by Solexa, later renamed Illumina Genome Analyzer. Being a pioneer in the field, FAS developed in house a broad range of applications for this technology, from sample preparation to bioinformatics analyses.

This transformed the company into a global leader in the field, with customers located world-wide. FAS has now over 20 employees, most working on next-generation DNA sequencing.

In 2010, FAS replaced its 2 Genome Analyzer GAIIx by Illumina HiSeq systems.

FAS is co-author of many publications in the field of massively parallel sequencing.